January 22, 2007

Mutually Assured Destruction

Adam Smith Institute Blog is linking to Michael Portilllo in the times about the big electoral clubs that the two main parties have. Labour with Proportional Representation which would make it impossible for the Conservatives to gain an overall majority, and the Conservatives with Scottish independence which would slash the number of votes that Labour gets while not affecting them. Personally I doubt that either will use them, Labour will not instigate PR as that would damage their own position as well (the only people it really helps are the Lib-Dems, who aren't in a position to impose it) and the one overwhelming theme of this Labour government has been an insatiable lust for power. PR will dilute their own power and help their rivals in the Lib-Dems, so it isn't going to happen. The Tories are not going to advocate Scottish independence either, to do so could worry Labour into unleashing PR in a scorched earth defence, and they simply don't need to. A Conservative government with a large majority and a mandate for cutting taxes and spending (which could easily come about if they can get Gordon to tip the economy over the edge) will simply cause such a backlash in state dependent Scotland that they will be demanding independence whether the Conservatives want it or not.


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